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See the above links for a detailed description of the car.

For the quick and dirty:

I would be glad to include all digital media I have of the car, and would also try to help to have some semi-professional photography done if the buyer would like.


More about the engine and transmission build:

The only upgrades the car could really see are
With these upgrades (or frankly even just the last two) and a good tune (AMS!) the car should be well capable of 600 horsepower.

Some Things to Note:
I have a set of 26" slicks mounted on weld pro stars that are half worn with all hardware.  They properly stored and will be included in the sale

The car will include Greddy wireless boost switch for the profec.  An AEM boost sensor is hooked into the ECU for logging and tuning purposes.  There is also an OBX front upper strut bar for the car.  I will include this with the sale at the buyers wish (I took it off because the car is primarily a drag car).

I will be keeping the Passport 8500 X50.  I can remove the hardwire install and replace the fog light switch at the buyer's request.  (the car no longer has fog lights so that it could accommodate the FMIC)  I would highly recommend picking up another Passport, its definitely come in handy and the hardwire install is great.

I will include any parts I still have the car including OE cams, lifters, hood prop, 2 sets of OE floor mats (1 perfect and new, 1 original) Eibach pro-kit springs, etc etc.

Possible problems:
WBO2 sensor will need to be replaced ($100). It still meters fine at normal driving speeds but reads incorrect at full boost. It probably got clogged from running leaded gas once.  It does not affect the operation of the car in any way.

Lower backseat has been removed and carpeted, rear seatbelts have been removed.  Seat & belts included with sale and I would put them back in the car upon the buyer's request.

One of the parking brake cables is broken and will need to be replaced.  AMS quoted me ~$115 parts and labor for this.

The AC has a leak, probably near the battery tray.  The compressor was replaced by AMS (it was thought to be the problem) and the system recharged, but it leaked down again after a few days.  I never used the A/C and would have removed it if I didn't think it would be valuable to a future buyer.

The car is otherwise perfect. I have paperwork for all work performed on the car and will include it with the vehicle.

Reason for selling:
I purchased an Evo and I can't even imagine putting a daily drive on this beautiful car. Though it will run fine on 93 I've been running her with 100 octane for a while and never gave her anything but the best. Help me find a new home for her!

Call 815-501-3810 or email me for more info/pics!


This is an older dyno sheet, you get the picture  :)

Other Pics:

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